Vladimir Nikitin, joined Wmpro advisory board
Word of Mouth Pro — a blockchain-based Authenticator ecosystem
Word of Mouth Pro provides decentralized word of mouth Authenticator services certified by blockchain
Starting on 20th July
    1 ETH = 1500 WMPRO + BONUS
  • Nikolay “Eucleia is the “Global Certificator”. The first total solver for the word mouth players. A decentralized social crypto certificator, inspired by the blockchain community”

    Nicolay Shkilev, Advisor at WmPro

  • sharon Greenberg “WMPRO fills a gap in a growing market. Word of mouth Industry needs this as much as possible.”

    Sharon Greenberg, Advisor at WmPro

  • richard shibi “WOM works for all products, not just big consumer branded products and the ROI is easy to prove: on average, £1 spent on WOM will result in £3.93 in sales, according to research we did with ESCP Europe. That's why there's even more need of Eucleia.”

    Richard Shibi Advisor at WmPro

  • vladimir nikitin “ WOM works for all products, not just big consumer branded products. Transaparency and professionalism are always more required. Wmpro finally cover this anspect.”

    Vladimir Nikitin, Ico Advisor at WmPro

  • riccardo vieri “According to the WOMMA ( Word of mouth marketing association), the most effective WOMM is credible, respectful, social, measurable, and repeatable. But who grantes for the involved parties? Eucleia fills the gap”

    Riccardo Vieri, Board of Directors at WmPro

  • karen “Word of mouth marketing is a powerful force that, if you can harness it, can make a huge difference in brand awareness and reputation.”

    Karen,Advisor at WmPro

What problem does WMPRO solve?
Word-of-Mouth market is worth over 183 billion dollars and over 107 million operators. Referral Marketing has created successful companies. The growing popularity of social networks has further boosted Referral Marketing by extending it to a global universe of ordinary people. However, there are problems for verifying the information of the involved parties. There is a need for a decentralized, secure, inviolable, certified database, with truthful and transparent information on the features of the companies and their operators. Giving credibility and certifying users at different levels, will support and will help the market to grow. Both private users, experts, professionals and companies, will display a blockchain certified rank on socials and websites and notoriety and reputation will spread quickly.
On the same time the problem solved is obvious - spending crypto assets in real products and services today supports crypto currency holders in gaining from any future growth in asset value; investors who buy low need to hold on to their assets in order to benefit from selling high.
This is where WMPro steps in. Eucleia platform allows you to be certified, and to buy for services you need for your industry using WMPRO coin.
This will increase the request and will support the coin value.
Introducing Eucleia
Eucleia is the “Global Authenticator certified by Blockchain”. The first total solver for the word mouth players. A decentralised social crypto certificator, inspired by the blockchain community.

Eucleia name is inspired by the Antient Greece goddess of good reputation and glory. It’s an innovative digital platform that will use WMPRO token, a blockchain ecosystem focused on cryptocurrencies. Through financial incentives provided by WMP blockchain based project, we will witness an impact on the market, except the value no longer will accrue to the aggregator but rather to the individuals and companies that are providing the data and using the services.

What makes Eucleia platform unique from others?

Eucleia is the first global platform able to put in communication companies that are distributing products and services through the Word-of-Mouth (referral marketing, network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, e-commerce) through a global certification system, unique and non-manipulable such as Blockchain, which leads to the creation of a real rating both for companies and for individual insiders. A rating based on criteria of transparency and fairness, inviolable and incontestable.

The Eucleia platform will be a Professional Social Network that will offer rewards to users every time data will be loaded or reached more advanced rating levels and providing benefits to each user. On the Eucleia platform it will be possible to make purchases in the WMPRO currency crypto for upgrading and certifying proper reputation, skills and professional services necessary for the professional activities of each sector operator (autoresponder, web conferencing systems, training sessions, artificial intelligence services, bots, ebooks etc)

Pre sale
  • wmp work from home Work from home users Everyone that works from home to get some more benefits or incomes, uses referral marketing and any other word of mouth system will benefits from its certification and better reputation to get a better image increasing leads.
  • wmp professionals Professionals Every professional, expert, webmaster, guru that uses word of mouth marketing to make a living, has the chance to certify its experience, its skills and attract more people and customers in the network.y
  • Wmp companies Companies Every company working with word of mouth can increase reputation, excels in the industry and get more users accepting their programs increasing sales. Increase Reputation and credibility.
  • Customers Wmp Customers Every customer end user, that can check and verify better programs and professionals, can check best offers and verify the integrity of promoters, agents, representative or internet based referral systems.
Word of Mouth Pro (WMPRO)
  • 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 40% first round - 07-20/07-30
  • 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 30% second round - 07-31/08-20
  • 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 20% third round - 08-21/09-10
  • 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO + 10% fourth round - 09-11/09-24
  • 1 ETH = 1.500 WMPRO - fifth round - 09-25/10-31-2018
  • Participate in the decentralized Authenticator certified by blockchain word of mouth system
  • startcreative
  • Giovanni Lionetti Giovanni Lionetti Board of directors co founder Finance & Administration Entrepreneur since 1988, obtains important successes in various sectors related to entertainment and tourism, realizing projects and structures still active today. Approaching the world of technology combined with marketing in 1996, actively contributing to the creation of successful businesses involving over 50,000 businesses throughout Europe.
    Protagonist of the opening of the telecommunications market, creates a distribution network of over 230,000 promoters and actively participates and with profit at the listing on the stock exchange of companies linked to the world of web television. Founder Manager of numerous companies operating internationally, he obtains important results in Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
  • Riccardo Vieri Riccardo Vieri Board of Directors co founder Marketing and technology Known as a serial entrepreneur dating back to 1993, technological innovation oriented, since 2002 most of His Tlc and Adv patents ( more than 20) have already been granted by the United States Authority and are in use by Fortune 500 companies. He has been Manager Manager of several billion dollar companies and since 2015 he extends his interests to blockchain and its applications, crypto currencies included.
    He launched and applied patent for one revolutionary fitness airdrop app that converts kinetic energy allocation tokens.

    He has always pursued studies and deepen skills in marketing and leadership and is member Member of Cryptovalley (Zug) and Assobit.
  • Maurizio Siracusa Maurizio Siracusa Board of Directors Co founder Blockchain Security Developer Developer, Problem Solver and Senior Consultant of Cyber Security, he has been dealing with computer security and Ethical Hacking since 15 years. He isbehind dozens of projects of Security Audit and Penetration Test for companies operating in the branches of Finance, Banking, ICT, in the sectors manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, healthcare and public administration. He provided advice and made his skills available abroad, in countries such as Switzerland, Great Britain and France. He provides support for companies that want to operate in the blockchain world, developing and managing server infrastructures.
    He has been a teacher for a considerable period of time in courses on Ethical Hacking and Security Awareness.
  • Richard Shibi Richard Shibi Advisor Richard Shibi has more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

    he has served as a senior management consultant and a regional account executive for IT projects deployed at global scale in the Telecommunication industry (North America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, China & South Africa).

    Richard is currently studying MBA at Imperial Collage Business School in London, running a Blockchain consultancy development start-up in Europe (PureGo OOD) and is serving as a board member and ICO advisor for Coinnup, TYDO, Cyber Capital Invest, MyEarthID, WMpro and ZeeRing blockchain projects.

  • Vladimir Nikitin Vladimir Nikitin Advisor Vladimir is the Co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an accomplished legal consultant,Blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a member of several Board of Directors.

    With Masters degree in both Law and Economics Vladimir has over 10 years of Civil law, finance, Internet technologies experience in various industries.

    He is a Top 10 listed Blockchain Expert on the ICObench.

  • Philip Nunn Philip Nunn Marketing Advisor With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Phillip specialises in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology.

    Phillip has become a well-known, online influencer in the blockchain and crypto space and has travelled the world evangelising and talking on these subjects.

    Phillip has sat on the advisory boards of several successful ICO's over the past 12 months and has helped structure and fund some of the biggest companies of the future

  • Nicolay Shkilev Nicolay Shkilev Advisor Shkilev Nikolay is an entrepreneur, Co-Founder "Top ICO Advisors", rated TOP 5 in People of Blockchain, owner and co-owner of dozens of successful business projects, an ICO advisor and ICObench expert.

    Nikolay has 20 years of experience of being involved in large-scale projects, and has many awards and titles in an area of IT technologies.

    Some of his awards include:

    - Self-Made Russia award
    - Tech guru
    - Super TOP award

  • Robert Stone Robert Stone Finance Advisor During his 20 years consulting with leading corporations, Rob negotiated over $1bn of services across a diverse spectrum of categories including IT, professional services & marketing
    Rob is supported by a team of professionals with a strong track record of selling high value assets to wealthy individuals on the global stage. Together they have been involved in the crypto market since 2015

    Possesses extensive knowledge of business/technology and a progressive, practical approach to organization improvement.
  • karen new Karen New Communication Advisor Karen is Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Influence. She is an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus. Currently, she work as an advisor on the boards of growing projects including the latest being Surety.ai and Geomain.org.

    She had the honor to speak and be featured on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, News on 5,and Channel U 财经追击 (Money Week), for expertise in Wealth Building with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
    She is the author of New Assets 2.0, simple book educating the uninitiated on investing in cryptocurrency.

  • Yogesh Bhardwaj Yogesh Bhardwaj Legal Advisor Yogesh is the founder of Logicize Research. a leading Business and legal consultancy firm.

    As an accomplished software engineer and technology strategist, he has extensive technical expertise in various techniques such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, BIg data, Web technology, Fintech and more.

    Further, He has business experience in patent search, analytics preparation and prosecution to produce the valuable intellectual property.

  • Sharon Greenberg Sharon Greenberg Advisor oSharon has over 15 years' experience in executive roles leadership in IT companies, with a broad network of contacts in various vertical markets, including in the international high-tech and start-up sphere.
    Over the years has developed strong analytic & negotiating skills of complex contracts as well as excellent knowledge of sales and Market development processes.
    Sharon is currently CO- CEO at Cryptonext, a start-up company with a vision of making currency trades and transfers cheaper and faster, by creating a peer to peer trading and transfer platform.
  • Alex Tei Alex Tei Philantropy Has been working as a manager and entrepreneur for more than thirty years. He has always been sensitive to the social problems and non-profit sector, so he decides to make his commitment stronger by working on innovative initiatives as the founder of same NPOs.
    Both of the humanitarian organisations do not operate directly but choose specific innovative projects of other humanitarian organisations, worthy of promotion and financing for the particular value of the social impact that they are capable of generating.
  • Nikita Sachdev Nikita Sachdev Keynote Speaker Nikita is a business keynote speaker specializing in technology trends including Fintech, blockchain and social media and is the Founder of Event Talents agency

    She is Crypto Influencer and Enthusiast. Nikita is and expert in marketing and communications

    Further, she is also speaker at WorldBlockchainSummit Hosting the event.

  • Luca Falbo Luca Falbo Developer Luca is software developer with a wide variety of interests ranging from mobile and web development to computer graphics and animation.

    He has solid skills of App Development, Mobile Apps Development, Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development & Redesign.

  • Luana SIcari Luana Sicari Direct selling specialist Professional Manager and Digital Entrepreneur. Since 2002 in Sales Team building and Top Marketing Strategist.

    Over 16 years experience with global companies, top leader in sales development and marketing strategist, reaching international top positions.

    Since 2016 she extends her interests to blockchain and its applications, cryptocurrencies included.

  • Stefano Crespi Stefano Crespi Developer Stefano has 5+ years in Mobile industry around Mobile Payment, Mobile contents, Mobile Advertising. Mobile games & apps enthusiast with a deep understanding of Apps distribution, Analytics, monetization.

    Delivering successful websites, mobile apps, online business systems for every type of device; mobile, tablet and desktop. Specialities include: Ecommerce, Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Online Business Software.

  • Francesca Rossi Francesca Rossi Pr relations Graduated at the Faculty of Political Science University of Florence in 2003. Attained a Master Degree in "Peacekeeping and Security Studies" at the University of Roma. Long and short term missions aimed at humanitarian assistance, study and creation of development projects in Kosovo, Thailand and Liberia.
    As Coordinator Officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Liberia in Rome, performed educational activities directed to administrators and technicians of the public authorities in the field of Civil Protection.

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